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Credo Sanctam Ecclesiam Catholicam

We are what you once were.
We believe what you once believed.
We worship as you once worshipped.
If you were right then, we are right now.
If we are wrong now, you were wrong then.

For God so loved the world, as to give his only begotten Son1.......1For God so loved the world, as to give his only begotten Son; that whosoever believeth in him, may not perish, but may have life everlasting.

Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, whose love for man was so great, suffered extreme torture , shed His Most Precious Blood, and died an agonizing death on Calvary, to satisfy the Divine Justice for our sins, founded Holy Mother Church to give man the grace that is necessary for the salvation of his immortal soul.

This perfect Sacrifice of the Cross, in which Christ perfectly submitted His will to the will of the Father, is continued to this day through the Sacrifice of the Mass. How great is His love for us that He left us the Holy Mass , the Sacrifice of His Body and Blood, offered on the altar under the appearances of bread and wine, in commemoration of His Sacrifice of the Cross. Christ himself "chose the means for us to receive His Grace. The means He chose was the Cross -, and He chose that the Cross - and His Sacrifice upon it be continued on earth upon our altars. There is no other place but upon our altars that Christ's Calvary is continued in this world." 2.......2Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre The Archbishop Speaks The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

The principal means that we grow in our faith, love, and understanding of the Catholic faith, necessary for the salvation of our souls is through this great Sacrifice of the Mass. How true is the Latin phrase lex orandi, lex credendi [the law of prayer is the law of belief].

"From the very beginning of the Church, faith and liturgy have been intimately connected. A clear proof of this can be found in the Council of Trent itself. It solemnly declared that the sacrifice of the Mass is at the center of the Catholic liturgy, contrary to the heresy of Martin Luther, who denied that the Mass was a sacrifice."

"We know from the history of the development of the Faith that this doctrine has been fixed authoritatively by the Magisterium in the teach of popes and councils. We also know that in the whole Church, and especially in the Eastern churches, the Faith was the most important factor in the development and formation of the liturgy, particularly in the case of the Mass."

"There are convincing arguments for this from the early centuries of the Church. Pope Celestine I wrote to the bishops of Gaul in 422: Legem Credendi, lex statuit supplicandi the law of praying determines the law of believing. This has subsequently been commonly expressed by the phrase, lex orandi, lex credendi [the law of prayer is the law of belief]." 3.......3 Alfons Cardinal Stickler, The Latin Mass Summer 1995 Issue

Around 1960, modernist revolutionary forces started their major attack, and in 10 short years achieved a major victory with the promulgation of Novus Ordo Missae, "a striking departure from the Catholic theology of the Mass as it was formulated in Session XXIII of the Council of Trent." 4.......4 Letter of Cardinal Ottaviani and Cardinal Bacci to His Holiness Pope Paul VI

Thankfully The Lord has given us the Traditional Latin Mass for all time, it can NEVER be abolished.

"At no time in the future can a priest, whether secular or order priest, ever be forced to use any other way of saying Mass. And in order once and for all to preclude any scruples of conscience and fear of ecclesiastical penalties and censures, we declare herewith that it is by virtue of our Apostolic authority that we decree and prescribe that this present order and decree of ours is to last in perpetuity, and never at a future date can it be revoked or amended legally. . . ."

"And if, nevertheless, anyone would dare attempt any action contrary to this order of ours, handed down for all times, let him know that he has incurred the wrath of Almighty God, and of the Blessed Apostles Peter and Paul." 5.......5 Pope St. Pius V Quo Primum1570 AD

Holy Mother Church has not changed Her teaching, She cannot because the teaching comes for the Holy Ghost. I pray the modernist revolutionaries will heed the teaching of the saintly pope and help restore The Mass of All Ages to all faithful Catholics.

The purpose of this web site is to help me, and hopefully you dear reader is to understand:

  1. The enormity of the crisis in the Holy Catholic in the Holy Catholic Church. The drastic results of 40 years of modernist infiltration.
  2. How to join the counter-revolutionist and fight the Modernist forces.
  3. Why the messages from Our Lady of Fatima have been ignored, obfuscated, and even lied about.

Most importantly, to warn to my children what is needed to preserve their faith against Satan and his Modernist minions.