Help Wanted --- Traditional Catholic Priest

If it please God, please send a Holy traditionalist priest to the people of Eastern Iowa, such as Blessed Clement Marchisio, to offer us the Mass of our fathers and all the traditional Sacraments necessary for the salvation of our immortal souls.

Blessed Clement Marchisio, a holy priest beatified by Pope John Paul II on September 30, 1984, had a priestly program:

Just like Jesus Christ, he wanted to be a "good shepherd" for his sheep. His deep wish was to save them, and in so doing, to save himself. In his inaugural speech to his parishioners, he revealed his eminently priestly program: "I owe you a good example, instruction, my service and all that I am," he said. "I must even sacrifice myself for your souls, if necessary. My first duty is good example. As pastor, I must be the light of the world and the salt of the earth, which obliges me to practice all virtues... I must give honor to my ministry through a holy and irreproachable life, and you must honor, respect and imitate my ministry. This honor and respect are not due to my person, but to my ministry: I have in my hand powers that neither the angels in Heaven nor the kings of the earth will ever have. I can reconcile you with God, forgive your sins, open to you the fountain of graces and the gate of Heaven, consecrate the Eucharist and make Jesus, our Saviour to come in your midst. You must consider me as sent by God to lead you to Heaven... My second duty is to instruct you: teach your children catechism, instruct the ignorant, including those who do not come to church, advise mothers and fathers, exhort the young. And if there is some vice to be found, I will have to raise my voice. What a disgrace for me if I do not speak the truth clearly... Thirdly, I must be entirely yours, like Jesus who said: The Son of man is not come to be ministered unto, but to minister, and to give His life a redemption for many (Mt 20: 28). I must dedicate to you my night watches, my cares, my fatigues, at every moment of day and night, in spite of distance, heat, cold-all in order to bring you aid... To my service I will add my prayer: that is how Saint Paul converted so many souls..."

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